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Strategic marketing and planning

Good strategic thinking is the core to all marketing activity. You can’t get to your destination without knowing how you’re going to get there. With clear thinking and pertinent questioning, I can help your organisation get the road map sorted.

Marketing audits and analyses

Knowing the strengths and weaknesses of your current position is half the battle to understanding what you should be doing to improve things.  I can direct your organisation through such an audit, analyse the results, and give clear feedback and insight into improved marketing planning. 

Marketing and branding workshops

If you don’t know what your brand stands for, how can you expect your customers to?  A workshop can bring together key stakeholders, involving them and creating a sense of ownership in the brand promise.  Part internal communications, part research, part stakeholder engagement, a workshop can provide a real opportunity to galvanise thinking and effort within your organisation.  It can help your organisation reach a consensus on core values and key messaging. 

Project management

Efficient and timely project management should be key to the work of all marketing professionals but being able to manage the expectations and demands of customers, stakeholders, suppliers and internal key staff within an organisation can be a lot of plates to spin…unless you have the balancing skills, gained from experience. 

Campaign development and implementation

I have extensive experience in managing all aspects of campaigns, whether they be large or small, from establishing original need, writing briefs, leading pitch processes, managing creative and media agencies, and liaising with production houses. And keeping it all to time and on budget.

Brand management

Your brand is your mark of distinction.  It’s your promise to customers, suppliers and anyone you do business with that you will uphold your brand values in all things.  Sometimes an organisation needs a little help to keep its reputation gleaming and on the right track and, with clarity of focus and an external eye, I can provide that help. 

Stakeholder management and engagement

Projects with the backing of stakeholders have a greater tendency to succeed than those where stakeholders remain distant.  It makes sense to keep your stakeholders close to you, get their views, learn from their experience, keep them part of the conversation and ultimately use them as support. I can provide a clear plan of action as to how to do this as well as getting the ball rolling, allowing you to get on with the rest of your job! 

Corporate literature and content management

You know your product or service inside out, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re best placed or have the time to write about it. Sometimes an external eye can see through the jargon, can look at things afresh and help create copy that means more to your customers – whether on or off-line. 

Interim marketing service

Are you short on time or marketing expertise? Do you need an extra pair of hands?  Or are you wanting to assemble a new team but don’t know how to go about it? Whether it’s to cover a leave of absence, bridge a skills gap or set up something new, I can provide an interim solution whilst bringing the knowledge and experience of an established senior player.